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June 28th, 2017

davidwalshblog Log into MDN, check the Beta Tester setting, and experience the upcoming MDN redesign!

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Being more transparent about apps using your location in the background is a great iOS 11 feature, but it needs a whitelisting option.…

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justmarkup Form Validation: Constraint Validation in HTML…

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Many tech companies still focus on the wrong perks. This article by @tarahackley has many good points, my personal favorite is flex time. 🕘…

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If nothing unforeseen happens, the Web Share API features (in Origin Trial before) will fully launch in Chrome 61:… 👍

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ebidel Nice tool built on top of @____lighthouse, by the nice folks at @github.…

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Following Lyft, Uber, too, is now a Progressive Web App:…

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philwalton Correction: this visualization uses the newer StorageManager API…, not the older StorageQuota API.

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MozDevNet Are you a JavaScript expert? Do you want to contribute to MDN? See the JavaScript pages in need of a little help:…

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Crowdsourcing project under way at @mozilla to create an open-source speech recognition and voice synthesis system for the Web Speech API.🗣…

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