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February 10th, 2018

If you use some alternative browsers like @brave on iOS, you are missing out when it comes to Service Workers:…St

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RichRogersIoT “I bought my boss two copies of The Mythical Man Month so that he could read it twice as fast.” - @rkoutnik

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@Paul_Kinlan @JamesLMilner @jeffposnick I think James’ point was more on a separation of execution contexts,…vi

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@JamesLMilner @Paul_Kinlan @jeffposnick Jeff, what’re your thoughts on outsourcing SW registration to a separate…BF

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@awinograd @ChromeDevTools @samhk222 I *think* in that case you’re out of luck, but paging @vazac who may have another idea.

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denar90_ Unblock your thread with…
by @_developit 💪
Significant perf impact for async code 🚀…eO

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Unregistering a rogue Service Worker and actually remove it from all its clients immediately is non-trivial.…2G

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