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February 14th, 2018

@HenriHelvetica Clarifying: if you try to reproduce @HenriHelvetica’s results, this is the blog post he looked…G4

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“First Input Delay”—exciting new RUM (real user monitoring) metric proposal.…H.…TD5

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From the “image/gif is the worst of all possible video codecs” department: well composed tweet by…QP

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Authoritative advice by @yoavweiss on when (not) to use link[rel=”preload”], link[rel=”dns-prefetch”], and link[…1o

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ChromeDevTools Coming soon in Chrome 65: Multiple recordings in the Performance panel

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AmeliasBrain I want to live in the world where this is the real reason for web browser’s convoluted user-agent strings.


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RickByers Fundamentally this seems like the only practical way to achieve great perf and great UX at scale in a mash-up…1t

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