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February 13th, 2018

HenriHelvetica If you’re wondering what’s in Amazon’s secret sauce aka why they’re a top eTailer, look under First Contentful…EN

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When the @AMPhtml Tech Lead @cramforce on the stage says Google are working on @webkit bugs to at least…BS

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Progressive Web Apps and ⚡️ @AMPhtml united: the new BMW site, served straight from the AMP CDN (…kq

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fighto amp-toolbox-optimizer seems like a pretty neat tool in your arsenal if you want to build extra fast AMP pages…Ie

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juliantoledo AMP for Stories & AMP for Email just added in AMPbyExample’s playground:

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@Sapulidi_ The production crew say they have readjusted the halos. 💎🔦

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@yoavweiss @jaffathecake Was the Safari change in behavior announced anywhere? I also missed that.

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