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February 16th, 2018

@kennethrohde Great! Then either you haven’t found a violating site yet (I don’t know one, don’t ask), or the…Z1

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@kennethrohde Check chrome://components and see if there is something about “Subresource Filter Rules” that you…6k

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Chrome’s ad filter first checks if a page belongs to a site that fails the Better Ads Standards. If so, requests…84

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owencm Question: we’re examining what a Contacts API📲 (with permissions or picker) for the web would look like. Anyone…aT

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cramforce Intent to implement for “JS in AMP”.
When this ships it will dramatically reduce the “thingness” of AMP as all…vL

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somebitsLinks Usernames: Challenges of building a login system for Internet software

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getify Reminder: MDN ( @MozDevNet documents the web platform (CSS, JS, HTML, etc) in a…8s

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RSS to @AMPhtml stories:…. Nice (early-stage) hack by @FGRibreau. ⚡️📖

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@webkit geeks: anyone have steps to reliably reproducing Service Workers occasionally becoming unresponsive? Bug…wb

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🎧 New audio player experiment by the @GdnMobileLab called StrangeBird: Try listening to…FA

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Correction: technically @RickByers is asking for more detail, not Apple… Anyway, the information will be useful for Apple.

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 Apple are asking for (production) examples of where Background Sync can be used. I had a stab at…vt

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