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May 10th, 2018

@wanderview @firt I fear there is no way to test it that I am aware of (apart from waiting). But obviously the…06

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duncanbrandon @senthil_hi @slightlylate @cheneytsai @dalmaer At @LinkedIn we spent a bunch of time building a very robust “kill…ll

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“There’s a notion that in order to use service workers, you need to rebuild your site from scratch as a PWA. We’…Nr

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@wanderview @firt Gradual roll-out over the next few weeks; and mostly limited to JavaScript caching, so for the…7x

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ChromiumDev Metric🚨! Meet “First Input Delay” - measure the latency of a user’s first interaction with your page.

WIP and…5L

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stoyanstefanov This chrome bug is actually a really nice showcase gallery of WebAudio apps…

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@sw12 @mahemoff Fun fact: JavaScript uglifiers represent `true` as `!0`.

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denladeside So great: @lit_html and new LitElement based @materialdesign components - great work @polymer…Cz

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