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May 30th, 2018

Phone 2000. The standard USB port is actually intriguing!

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Well put, @jennylg. I’m not perfect. Deal with it. Also, I am not smart enough to even feel like an imposter… 🕺…nqP1

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Look who snuck into @DasSurma’s “Süpercharged” backdrop today (just for a selfie, not a show)! The fun part of…3e

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MSEdgeUpdates The status of WebP image format was changed from “Not currently planned” to “In Development”…

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anssik I’m surprised there’s still no good solution for the tab-o-calypse in mainstream browsers. I mean organizing,…EA

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Super informative and fun article by @holman on dealing with time in JavaScript:…. It…UY

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⤵️ My experience as well. All the good things still there, as well as all the not so good things. This release’s…NB

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yoavweiss Yay! @patmeenan landed sane CSS loading behavior in Chrome Canary. Now you can load non-critical CSS in the <body>…kD

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@stubbornella @googlechrome Wow, congratulations on the move, and welcome to team @googlechrome! 🎉

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