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February 7th, 2019

rick_viscomi 📺 The new episode of the State of the Web is live!

@jeffposnick and I talk about Service Workers: the power they…Uj

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@_developit @addyosmani One thing I was looking for in the post but wasn’t finding is the role of reverse proxies…Ij

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_developit Should I use SSR? What about Rehydration?

Where should we implement logic and rendering in our applications?…Ys

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keithjgrant TIL

This is a nice trick to prevent :hover styles from getting stuck “on” for touch devices…

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Apple in the latest @webkit Technology Preview are removing support for setting the Do Not Track `DNT` header (…Um

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nhoizey WOW, WOW, WOW!

4 years later, the “bug” for 100vh != 100% of the viewport height in iOS Safari (aka @webkit) has…7G

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simevidas How regular web developers can propose new web platform features

@tomayac’s article:…


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Exciting media updates in Chrome 73:…. 🔈📹⌨️
My favorites: support for hardware media keys…3V

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