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February 14th, 2019

Using the Little-Known CSS `element()` Function to Create a Minimap Navigator as seen on Sublime Text:…

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DasSurma 📣New WebAssembly article:

How we replaced a JavaScript hot path in with WebAssembly to…gc

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Back-off and retry using JavaScript arrays and promises for when you need to retrieve data from a rate-limited (…Ax

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kennethrohde This makes it possible for PWAs to become file handlers! An extension to web app manifest…

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@_developit Convert it into a blog post and get it out. 👌

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The third-party web by ⁦@patrickhulce⁩. Great ⁦@HTTPArchive⁩ study on the performance impact of third-party…AE

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@firt Re: “no matter the real sizes”: One corner case: I tried to see if I can trick in files >7MB and still be…Bn

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CSS Remedy…

…Sets CSS properties or values to what they would be if the@csswgwg⁩ were creating the CSS today,…W9wH

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