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February 15th, 2019

@simevidas @briankardell @ChromiumDev This might be a good candidate for a Feature Policy, feel free to propose…ZD

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@briankardell @simevidas @ChromiumDev I guess it boils down to: define “can’t see it”. Is `opacity: 0.001` visible?…Go

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@domenic Hah, I’ve hit the .mjs issue earlier today. Thanks for flagging it with @glitch!

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@tavelli @ChromiumDev Watch this space… Meanwhile19 has been announced already, and a lot o@googlechromeme…5A6c

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Not all web apps are created equal, so here’s @_developit’s take on categorizing them. Also, that teaser video in…vI

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Help us experiment with Trusted Types to avoid DOM Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks! Intro article by…Hh

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I had the honor to review this article. Brilliant introduction to Priority Hints: ⤵️…

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ChromiumDev 🧐 Trust is good, but observation is better!

👉 All about the new Intersection Observer v2 API and how it prevents…RX

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SaraSoueidan This article by @scottohara is yet another proof that the first and most important step to ensure your site is…oM

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