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February 8th, 2019

@o2de Hallo. Könntet ihr das Ticket 7409414 wieder schließen? Das Problem mit dem DSL-Anschluss hat sich inzwischen gelöst. Danke!

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mathias The proposed `intrinsicsize` HTML attribute makes such a big UX difference. No more user-visible reflows as images/…Ma

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My web developer extension 👷‍♀️Service Worker Detector has finally landed in the @MSEdgeDev extension…fh

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Felix_Josemon So now you can Convert Progressive web apps (PWAs) to Android App using PWA2APK! And Upload them to Google…9b

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@addyosmani @_developit @nginx No, my question was exactly the question from this tweet:….

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v8js 🔥 What’s new in V8 v7.3? Wasm and async performance improvements, async stack traces, Object.fromEntries,…Va

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I usually am a strong defender of fully visible URLs, but this screenshot of the first NeXT web browser is…Xb

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