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March 11th, 2013

SALAD2013 Due to popular demand, once more: deadline extended to March 15 :-) Please submit abstracts ASAP.

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mathias How to lose weight in the browser — the definitive front-end performance guide:browserdiet.comm

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TwitterAPI Introducing application-only authentication for the Twitter REST API v1.1… ^TS

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@sardire Ruben Verborgh is, well, @RubenVerborgh on Twitter. He’s the main brain behind . You may also like his newest creation ;-)

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Hat tip to @LeaVerou for the checkerboard pattern in Get the xywh.js polyfill here

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Media item visual similarity clustering—debug view. Powered by spatials w/ xywh.js

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Improved xywh.js by @cramforce’s tips: instead of window load, now firing on DOMContentLoaded (earlier) w/ individ. media item load events.

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