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March 13th, 2013

@MarkusLanthaler I’ll work on the review comments & share the link to the preprint here in the next days. Ping me should you miss the tweet.

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@RubenVerborgh Thanks :-) Scores were 0, 2, 3, and 1; the full monty. I can certainly review your next paper, let’s write more together :-)

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@sardire @lysander07 Well, maybe they can still invite him? I heavily +1. // CC: @KristenMlhln @ericaxel (see Twitter thread, please)

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@sardire @lysander07 Well-known! They really do semantic video; way more than me. I’m now exploring on-the-fly client-side video analysis.

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@ReaderMeter @bkeegan @TahaYasseri @jfelipe @edsu Finishing it up in the next couple of days. Some reviewer remarks… Watch this thread ;-)

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@MarkusLanthaler Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you there, too. I’m most excited :-)

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RWW Shakeup At Google: Andy Rubin Out At Android, Sundar Pichai Takes Over by @brianshall

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RT @stilkov: If you’re a programmer, this is the funniest ever: // Been in the Quicksort situation :-)

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@ReaderMeter @bkeegan @TahaYasseri @jfelipe Just got notice that a related paper of ours got accepted to (). // CC: @edsu

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@edsu @sethvanhooland Gentlemen, we’re in :-) Ed, I deal w/ reviewer comments. Once I’m done, I’ll ping you & we can publish the preprint.

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paper: “MJ no more: Using Concurrent Edit Spikes with Social Network Plausibility Checks for Breaking News Detection”.

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Our ( workshop) paper on edits is accepted. Review comment: “Their solution is devilishly clever & ingenious”.

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Got invited to join a panel discussion on the topic “Beyond the Blob: ’s Coming of Age”:

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@alexmilowski OK, asking directly then. What is the URL of your blog’s feed? Google Reader’s feed detector fails to find it, so do I.

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cramforce Engaging in…

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