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December 10th, 2018

Measuring Wikipedia page load times: “When working on a service used by millions, we focus on the 99th percentile…xv

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cramforce Intent to ship for stale-white-revalidate in Chrome! This has been specified in HTTP for ages, but no browser…C0

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DasSurma 10 bucks says this string constant was defined by either a JavaDeveloper or a German.


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ChromeDevTools A handy tip from “The Art of Debugging with Chrome DevTools” by @PrashantPalikhe:

Log objects instead of…fO

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@jipfr @ChromiumDev @googlechrome 🤣Welcome to the German art of nested subordinate clauses translated to, erm,…KU

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ChromiumDev @tomayac ⚠️ Note that in @googlechrome currently there’s a temporary mini-infobar (…) that…yv

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The third episode of “Why Build Progressive Web Apps” was the most fun to film, especially because we managed to…uQ

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@DasSurma 😂 This looks exactly like the version some of us found on a USB pen that had fallen off a truck back…JC

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Wow, @TomAnthonySEO has written a brilliant introduction to HTTP/1.1, HTTPS, and HTTP/2 that uses trucks as an…Ei

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@addyosmani @cramforce @sebmarkbage @luke_wagner So if it’s indeed that simple, why can’t we have nice things?…m3

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Great post by @TimVereecke on (holistically) honoring the `Save-Data` HTTP header:… 👍…

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Regarding @HenrikJoreteg’s tweet quoted below, I wrote a 👉 paper about Service Worker APIs and Progressive Web…7d

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@pbakaus I fully agree on your overall point, though: if this is the first time you encounter the issue of state…gc

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@pbakaus s/I couple/A couple/
s/your asking/you’re asking/

I like the article, and yes, AMP state management is…PF

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