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May 7th, 2019

Googlebot in the past used an outdated version (v41, see…) of Chrome to render webpages.…Hy

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mikewest Some thoughts about incremental improvements to cookies while we work towards consensus on the details of a more…EC

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More technical details on `SameSite` cookies 🍪….…

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ChromiumDev Today we’ve announced changes we will be making in Chrome to improve privacy and security on the web.


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webkit Learn about how to support Dark Mode in your webpages with Dark Mode Support in WebKit.…

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@samthor @rowan_m That’s the reason I don’t like mine as much as I could like it. This enter key shape… We only…2vej

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_scottlow We have an early preview of running on macOS at our booth! Come try it out (and grab some…P6

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Holistic overview paper on various fingerprinting techniques in web browsers:… [PDF] 👍

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