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May 16th, 2019

“The European Union, Disney, and China” as the biggest threats to the Web: provocative question at the Future of…Xt

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slightlylate Severl capabilities we’re working on in 🐡 are available as Origin Trials *RIGHT NOW*, and we’d _love_ your…b3

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@JakeDChampion @slightlylate @petele I can only speak for Developer Relations: As far as I know we have no…9h

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It actually works decent enough on mobile as well, correcting my first impression.

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Information Mesh. Amazing set of timelines celebrating 30 years of the Web (optimized for desktop 🖥). Love the…Vn

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CERN As celebrates , travel back in time and watch the newly digitised footage from the 1st…gs

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Great study of image accessibility on Twitter (paper link ⤵️), the authors also made a cool app where you can…QQ

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Just registered for a tour of the Internet Archive ⤵️. Signal-boosting beyond world (well, practically,…xo

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Paper on Automated Fact Checking in the News Room, tested by the BBC ⤵️.…

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WikiResearch “Citation Needed: A Taxonomy and Algorithmic Assessment of Wikipedia’s Verifiability”. @mad_astronaut…Zg

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slightlylate The I/O’19 web videos are full of great stuff. Want to highlight some PWA and PWA-adjacent talks…thread time!…

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kaycebasques Tip: Use disabled breakpoints like “bookmarks”

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FWIW, the Web technologies that deal with the gaps mentioned on the slide would be the Shape Detection API and WebXR.

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Alibaba just presented Mini Apps that run within Alipay ( [Chinese, but translating works…lw

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@s_pixels Best practice is always to ensure that you have a backup Security Key in place, should you misplace…ly

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