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May 14th, 2019

Cloudflare Better HTTP/2 Prioritization for a Faster Web.

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RT @intenttoship: Blink: Intent to Implement: CSS Color Adjust: color-scheme property

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RT @sundarpichai: Last week at #io19, we talked about our focus on building products that are private and secure for everyone. Today, we’re…

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RT @stefanjudis: If you wonder how JPEGs work, this is guide is excellent. 💌

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RT @ChromiumDev: Project Fugu🐡 is working on providing new capabilities to close the gap between web and native.

@petele and @tomayac sha…

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@dalmaer @egsweeny @andrey_l1nd3n @____lighthouse *Cough* I’m gonna be in SF until Saturday, May 18. 🧦

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RT @Lady_Ada_King: Web Workers are really powerful but they can be tricky to optimise. I wrote this article alongside building my most rece…

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@aerotwist TIL. So you’re actually a part-time student?! Congratulations on pulling this off!

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RT @Paul_Kinlan: Extracting text from images by using native share functionality (Share Target) and Text Detection API.…

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@Paul_Kinlan Have you looked at Tesseract There’s apparently an emscripten version availab…

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@JamesLMilner Ah, could it be that you accidentally have downloaded the image preview? Try the link…

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@JamesLMilner Hmm, the link works for me in private mode. The sharing settings look OK as well.

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RT @rtroncy: “Location Embeddings for Next Trip Recommendation”. A joint work with @AmineDadoun from @AmadeusNice presented at @locweb @The…

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🔢 Slides for our @locweb paper Geolocation in the Browser—From Google Gears to Geolocation Sensor:


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