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August 2nd, 2019

@adamzea There is the (deprecated, don’t use this!) concept of CSS system colors: 🌈. For so…

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@designcoursecom Thanks for the shout-out to my article at 😊. Cool video, too! Keep rockin’!

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@MrGrigri @CodePen Have you seen, specifically the `<dark-mode-toggle>` custom element?

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@davidhellmann Bei Interesse ist hier noch mehr relevantes Lesematerial: 🌒
PS: Großartige…

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@symfony_en @suzuki Sorry, yeah, I just saw that (quoted tweet). Theme switches require a site reload though…

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@suzuki Oh, interesting, you’re right. They store the initial value:
if (document.body.classList.contains(‘dark…

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@hotta_kosuke @suzuki Actually it’s not based on `prefers-color-scheme`, they use a manual theme switcher (see bott…

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@brucel @iandevlin @simevidas @stevefaulkner @Rich_Clark Should you close it for good, please put it on the…

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@donatj I half-suspected you were. But people actually implement it like that, so I thought just in case I’d advice against it. 😊

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