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August 21st, 2019

@Emojipedia @mwmoretti In case you need a toggle that supports this use case, here’s `<dark-mode-toggle>`:

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@mhadaily Actually, just install, the script injection via DevTools was a previous hack tha…

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@mhadaily @ChromeDevTools Could it be that in your @ChromeDevTools settings you have the “Auto-open DevTools for po…

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A pretty transparent overview of the round of feedback Microsoft @MSEdgeDev got for the early new Edge releases. ⤵️

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RT @aemkei: [sic] — Encode JS with 2 different symbols only


A super tiny library to inject self-executing JavaS…

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@Paul_Kinlan A drink 🍹🥃🥛 🍺🍼 of your choice on me to the first person to reach 💯 honks.

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Remember my silly experiment from the quoted tweet? I’m now happy to report that the one and only @Paul_Kinlan of 🔢…

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