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August 28th, 2019

Really cool Project Fugu 🐡 demo: @christianliebel playing with the Native File System API to create PDF stamps! #NativeFS ⤵️

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RT @ChromiumDev: 💩‍💻💨‍💻 Get started with GPU Compute on the Web to perform data-parallel computations using the GPU thanks to #WebGPU.


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RT @v8js: 🔥 Optional chaining syntax is coming to JavaScript!

This feature enables readable and concise expression of property accesses w…

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RT @aardrian: As always, if you are not making print styles then you are not doing responsive design. I have plenty of examples, code, and…

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🤩 This demo by @rijubrata pushes the limits of camera apps on the web. Get an Android device on the latest Chrome and play with the app for a realistic handheld camera 🔷 feeling.

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RT @ChromiumDev: ⚡ Want to use dynamic import() in your production JS code? @philwalton has a small, performant polyfill you can include to…

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RT @PavelDoGreat: fucking hell I have managed it

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RT @modelviewer: <model-viewer> v0.6.0 is available today! So much to share since our last announcement:

✨Major rendering improvements

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@morgin @firt To be honest I haven’t found anything noteworthy on the PWA side yet (apart from obviously `prefers-c…

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RT @tyohan: Why people want dark mode for their gadgets? My colleague @tomayac wrote a good piece why people want a dark mode. Most of them…

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