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August 24th, 2019

@t_a_w @chibichibibr Yes there is: you can use <dark-mode-toggle> (, a custom element that…

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@Nkzn @fkm @furusin_oriver @u_akihiro @tomo_watanabe It will work eventually for WKWebView once iOS apps are compil…

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@hattrullarn @Media 😂 There’s so much more you can put in between those “{}”: 🌒

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@keng_jp For some more reading material, I invite you to also check out if you have time. 🌒

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@ChromeDevTools @kaycebasques And I thought I was holding it wrong. Thanks so much for reporting…

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I was reading the piece in the quoted tweet. It’s interesting to follow the path of “HTTP State Management Mechanis…

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@cramforce @rakshesha I assume you’re on the (centi)thread?

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@cramforce @rakshesha My agenda is very much open 😂:

Teach others (and first learn myself) to cut it right! 🐡


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