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March 12th, 2020

Safari 13.1 Beta Release Notes:…. Some beautiful Web platform additions here: Async Clipboard API, nullish coalescing operator, CSS Shadow Parts,… 👏

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rowan_m 🎛️ Look at that subtle colouring. The tasteful transparency. Oh my god, it even has an animation.

⚖️ Comparing native vs polyfilled conic gradient in Firefox Nightly on

🚩 about:config - layout.css.conic-gradient.enabled:true

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jaffathecake Chrome 80’s change to make cookies SameSite=lax by default is a huge step in preventing cross-site attacks. It should have been the default all along, and I’m kinda surprised we’ve been able to make the change now.

Thread: Here’s what it fixes…

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@rowan_m I’m getting microwaved out of this meeting room, sorry.
Not sorry.

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@marcosc Bummer, but still a nice result! 👏

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Screen wake lock has just received its third LGTM (…), meaning its Intent to Ship was approved! 🎉

That’s yet another Project Fugu 🐡 API checked. The use cases (see quoted tweet ⤵️ for a nice one) are super convincing.…

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Accessible SVGs: Inclusiveness Beyond Patterns:…. Great summary article on making sure your SVGs are great for all.

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@aayushagarwal5 @ChromiumDev @agektmr has the authoritative answer to this question. It’s rebranded as WebOTP.

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@gsnedders Depending on how long the situation stays as it is at the moment, this WFH order/recommendation might give some of us some hard to argue against, well, arguments.

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AMPhtml Creating pages just got a lot simpler 🤩 with the new AMP Optimizer 2.0. Check out the newest post on the AMP Blog ✨ to learn more:

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@andreasbovens @kennethrohde Same 🍌. I got one for development purposes (oh my, Firefox 48 is limited seen from today) and also bought another one for my kids as their first smartphone. It’s enlightening to watch them use it. Surprisingly little voic

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🤔 I wonder if this means that some of the hardware APIs that Firefox OS piloted are coming back? Project Fugu 🐡 time?…

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😳 Wow, Mozilla to collaborate with KaiOS on an updated Gecko engine:…. That’s great news for the web platform.…

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