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March 26th, 2020

RT @sw12: Search and readable transcripts for Google Developer Expert videos at


Link t…

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RT @slightlylate: Amazing! Cheers to everyone who contributed. Love the focus on value to users rather than the details of the tech. https:…

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@CharlieCroom @dluzar That’s actually working as intended! For SVGs, I copy the source code and not the image alt text, so you can paste an SVG into VS Code or SVGOMG. It’s all fine! 😀

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@dluzar @CharlieCroom I did a hard-refresh and it works fine for me now, too. That’s awesome! Have you tried turning it off and on again? 😂

I’m just -1,671,518 characters over the tweet limit, though. Since I have your attention, can you

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@CharlieCroom @dluzar Huh? I use Chrome 81 and start with an empty tweet box. You?

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@CharlieCroom @dluzar Go to the demo (background on this: and copy either of the images (⚠️ Careful with the SVG, pasting its source into the tweet box blocks the browser for a while).

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@dluzar @CharlieCroom Fair. It’s definitely a priority consideration. The screenshot below shows (on the ClipboardEvent. Both MIME types are there. I think this is the critical branch point: Don’t have tim

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@CharlieCroom @dluzar A little later than I thought, but finally looked at this. It turns out, draft.js doesn’t use the Async Clipboard API at all: Bummer.

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@johnwilander Just in case the question isn’t clear: Are the 1st-party app shell resources still there in the Cache? Is the 3rd-party web font still there in the Cache? Are the 3rd-party ePub files still there in IDB? With “still” referring to my tw

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@johnwilander @dot_app_tld Thanks for getting back! Third-party resources as in my tweet:

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