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March 19th, 2020

ibobrik To give you an idea of how internal blog posts at @Cloudflare look like, I took one of many and published it on the public blog with some redactions: Keepalives considered harmful ⏱…

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hortont424 Web Developers: The latest iOS 13.4 beta brings desktop-class pointer and mouse event support to Safari and WebKit on iPadOS! For best results, adopt Pointer events, and ensure that your web content does not /depend/ on touch events (which a trackpad or mouse will not send).

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Investigating Multi-Window Browser Applications:….

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mounirlamouri The Media Session API launched in Chrome a while back. Initially an Android feature, it’s now enabled across all platforms and on many UI surfaces. François wrote an overview of how powerful this API is and how your website and users can benefit from it:

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When you think you’ve seen it all… Fascinating story from Google’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)…Md.

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@kennethrohde @christianliebel Psst, you can sign up for a free test month and read the e-magazine:….

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🎉 Super proud that 🐡 Project Fugu, a multi-year effort my team at Google is working on, has made it into a five-page article written by @christianliebel in the prestigious @iXmagazin (🇩🇪). It’s behind a paywall, but you can easily purchase it…

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@agektmr @andreban Yeah, TIL about the rename, too. There are a number of things named llama pack out there:…

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Oh, exciting: an Intent to Ship for JavaScript private methods and accessors:…. This feature is making it possible to define private class methods and accessors using the # syntax.

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@jiko_lit We still allow people to put their PWAs into the Play Store via Trusted Web Activity (TWA):…. Its gotten incredibly easy with @andreban’s….
(🇯🇵 @agektmr FYI)

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@erolbah @jcesarmobile @ChromiumDev @webkit Oh, and it works likewise on the just released iOS 13.4 beta 6 (17E255).

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@erolbah @jcesarmobile @ChromiumDev @webkit It’s working just fine on iOS 13.4 (17E5255a).

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