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March 21st, 2020

@CharlieCroom 💋 Hi. Who would know how handles `paste` events? When I have a multi-MIME type clipboard item with `text/plain` and `image/png` (as described in, it seems the site prefers text over image.

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RT @HTTPArchive: 🎉🌏🌍🌎 An amazing team of volunteer translators have been hard at work making the Web Almanac available beyond English.


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RT @jaffathecake: Published a new version of pointer-tracker. It isn’t particularly popular, but I’ve found it really useful when handling…

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@giuseppegurgone @ChromiumDev @PSPDFKit Looks fantastic, happy the API proved useful! 😃

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RT @ChromiumDev: Bored at home 🏠🦠? Here’s a cool trick @tomayac has pulled off with the 🔋 Async Clipboard API… ⤵️

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@codepo8 Some code to get you started: 💾

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@hugojmd @kochie I’ve built a little web component that abstracts all this code away: See it in action on or on my blog (link in bio).

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@codepo8 One more option is the Native File System API: #NativeFS

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