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March 23rd, 2020

My Working From Home Setup During COVID-19:…

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@Lady_Ada_King @handcoding Nice! For more annoyingness, make the slides appear from two sides (for people opted in to motion)……Ev

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tomayac Multi-MIME type image copying with the Async Clipboard API 📋…
See how to copy an SVG with so that when you paste…
👉 …in SVGOMG, it pastes the source code
👉 …in macOS Preview, it pastes a PNG render
👉 …in an SVG editor, it pastes

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@benschwarz So far two (I have some ideas for more):

1) The Async Clipboard API:…

2) The Native File System API:…

Project Fugu 🐡 is described here: The tl;dr is: We want to make

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