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July 4th, 2022

@jh3yy @round @seaotta Wait. What? Little did I know. That’s the kind of story I’m here for.

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@zcorpan @jh3yy Maybe the same mechanism that stops circular redirects then?

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@brianleroux @cramforce @feross +1, came here to say “as@ferossss”.

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@hdv @jh3yy Yeah, it sounds like it should be possible to make this work, especially if the developer is in control. Looking forward to seeing you all explore our options here!

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@zcorpan @jh3yy Browsers deal with this already, don’t they? There’s a maximum recursion stack depth I think (not sure about the correct term).

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@jh3yy @hdv Can `<optgroup>`s be nested? A somewhat contrived example would be for something like a regional flag picker where you pick by continent (Europe), then country (France), then region (Provence).

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RT @hdv: ✏️ Two levels of customising <selectmenu>

If we want to customise our selects with selectmenu, we can “si…

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@nomsternom @yoavweiss @googlechrome Wow, welcome to Google and the Chrome team! 🎈

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Someone in a GitHub Issue asked me how to build the @electronjs version of SVGcode ( based on seeing the screenshot below. Happy to tell them that it’s just the magic 🪄 of Window Controls Overlay. See how to activate this featur

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@reillyeon Neat. This project will be included in the 🐡 Project Fugu API Showcase at the next deploy. Cheers! 🍻

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