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July 6th, 2022

RT @christianliebel: #Blogged: Direct Sockets API—will FTP and SSH clients soon run directly in the browser? (trans…

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@passy @jaffathecake Sorry for the spammy comment, but literally ROFL 🤣! Best use of our new AI imaging overlords.

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RT @WalterStephanie: #CSS
Here is a nice generator to build cute little CSS shadows that use 2 colors (by @imac2) h…

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RT @webhackfest: Videos of the Web Engines Hackfest 2022 talks have been published in the following playlist:

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The bubblewrap tool ( can now output apps that are compatible with Meta Quest devices when you pass the `—metaquest` flag:

bubblewrap init —manifest=”<web-manifest-url>” [—directory=”<path-to-output-location>”] —metaquest


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Just had the honor of giving a keynote on Project Fugu 🐡 APIs at @developer_week in Nuremberg. You can find my slides at Thanks for listening and the great questions, too! #DWX22

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@patrickbrosset Webamp. It really whips the llama’s ass. Meeeeeh. Meeeeh. 🦙

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@ThaUnknown_ Try `npm i -D electron-nightly`, which according to currently is the first version that is based on Chromium 103, where this API shipped.

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