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July 31st, 2022

@torgo @snyksec Congratulations on the new job, Daniel! 🎈 Also great to hear that you will continue your work in t@w3ctagtag ! 💏

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AaronGustafson You can now use webmentions in Eleventy via a plugin rather than rolling the whole thing yourself.

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If you’re building UI components by hand, be sure to check the ARIA Authoring Practices Guide (APG) patterns ( Be like @argyleink, who’s done this, too! 🎠

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@rauschma I use now, which I have found because someone submitted it to the 🐡 Project Fugu API Showcase: Installable and can be associated with SQLite files. 💍

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Igalia: the Open Source Powerhouse You’ve Never Heard of, by ⁦@marypcbuk⁩. A great portrait of the second-biggest contributing company to the Chromium project after Google—and other browsers, too.

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