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July 28th, 2022

@mrdoob @Paul_Kinlan @bgalbs The magic numbers. For a while my SoundBlaster compatible card ran on 7, and it felt wrong. I ended up swapping some cards until the 5 was free again. 😂

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🍪 New Recipes for “Cookies”: @ericlaw provides a nice overview of the current third-party cookie situation and proposed alternatives.

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@rem @jaffathecake I recall using this in an interview hoping for the interviewer to be impressed by how smart I was. Needless to say: I didn’t get the job…

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RT @jaffathecake: PSA: It isn’t worth using DocumentFragment for performance reasons. In fact, it’s slower in some engines.

Sigh, I guess…

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@jaffathecake Interestingly running John’s original demo from that article it seems like `DocumentFragment` wins by a factor of 4 to 5 on my quick 🤔

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