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July 8th, 2022

@Loilo92 @brucel I don’t know the answer either.

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@harshgkapadia @brucel You’re not alone. In this case _not_ knowing it was key to winning… ;-)

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Love our new copy editor I have the pleasure of working with at work. If a copy editor suggests you replace a comma ‘,’ with a semicolon ‘;’, you know they’re good. 🙇‍♂️

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The idea that you could use `<h1>` for a generic heading across your documents, and the browser would “know” which level it actually should be by its nesting inside `<section>` and other related “sectioning elements”, is no more. @brucel explains

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An overview of browser #privacy features Good overview post on the topic by @ekr____.

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RT @jh3yy: Did you know popups are coming to the web platform?

Get all the goodies you’d normally implement for free 🙌

<button togglepopu…

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RT @Paul_Kinlan: The off by default web

Some musing on permissions on the web

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RT @briankardell: New Post: Where Browsers Come From

There are tons of think pieces about why anyone builds browsers, or engines - but thi…

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