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September 2nd, 2022

RT @jeffposnick: I built a Twitter bot: @ImagicalRealism

It feeds prompts from @MagicRealismBot into the @stablediffusion service, and twe…

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RT @jaffathecake: If you want to read more HTML history and edges cases, by @zcorpan is _brilliant_. Highly recomme…

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@jaffathecake Bonus points when they add “common” countries to the beginning.

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Turns out @ericlaw thankfully has documented the flow François showed me: I started at François on top taught me to put `Bug: $bugID` in the CL description to link it to a Chromium bug. The tool’s help:

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@ericlaw @tunetheweb @quicksave2k That’s what François showed me, yes. It’s great for trivial fixes like mine, and, yes, better integrated multi-file fixes would be amazing.

The `Bug: 12345` in the description to connect CL and bug is another thing

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@SimmerVigor @tunetheweb @quicksave2k I’m all in for the badges. Keep them coming. LOL. 🤡

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@tunetheweb @quicksave2k I was just saying to François that I probably broke someone’s code somewhere on the planet who depends on a string comparison of the exception message. So it’s scary. Strong feelings…

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Thanks, @quicksave2k, for guiding me through my first ever Chromium commit: an, erm, typo fix in an exception message.

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RT @PwaSummit: We are adding the final touches to our agenda ✨

We will have live workshops on how to get started, how to get the most of O…

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@Benjamin_Aster Because these storage mechanisms can be used for the same purposes. The UI message in the settings could be more accurate, but it also needs to balance user understanding. Most people somehow associate cookies with potentially tracking the

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@wolframkriesing Cookie Store is unfortunately not cross-browser, but polyfills exist.

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Small amendment to my blog post: `document.cookie` and the Cookie Store API:


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@5onderling @ChromiumDev Hopefully. `FileSystemHandle` is serializable (, so it should work in theory if SQLite can deal with serializable objects (which I don’t know). To be found out once the library gets reality.

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RT @kennethrohde: “Shadow Realms” via JS VM compiled to Wasm:


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Meet the CSS highlight pseudos, by @dazabani:

`::selection` for user-selected content
`::target-text` for text fragments
`::spelling-error` for misspelled words
`::grammar-error` for grammar errors
`::highlight(x)` for custom hi

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@henrylim96 So, so annoying. And of course there are different pins used for fax, phone, etc. devices, which means there are different cheap cables that seem to have all pins, but that don’t have wiring for all of them. Some cheap cables at least only h

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@jaffathecake @willmorgan @Paul_Kinlan @AdaRoseCannon I don’t know who coined it, but I love this quote: “If your hammer is XML, everything is just an XSLT transformation away from a nail.”

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@jaffathecake @willmorgan @Paul_Kinlan @AdaRoseCannon My Master thesis in uni was on REST Web services, so fresh out of uni my first project at Google was to build a project tracker for the team. It used conneg, so you could get raw XML (for no reason) or

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@popeindustries I recently got back to this talk. The story telling is so, so brilliant (as is the technical content). 💏

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