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September 23rd, 2022

RT @PwaSummit: Did you know there is a showcase with many examples of what is possible with PWA capabilities:


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@tbranyen @paul_irish Absolutely not too late. Just open an Issue, it’s a GitHub repo like any other: We typically take an iterative approach, so starting with desktop doesn’t mean we necessarily stop there.

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Oh, I’m in @TheRegister 🦅: Found out because my WebMentions went through the roof (for a humble definition of roof), since everyone scrapes The Register and republishes them it seems 🤷‍♂️. Anyway, the blog post they ci

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🛟 @taisukef keeps being on fire 🔥: you can now talk to your Ring-Con controller using Joy-Con #WebHID: See the quoted tweet for details.

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1. @OpenWebDocs solicited suggestions for missing @MozDevNet content.
2. I suggested the Web Share Target API, since we mostly just have so far.
3. @floscholz jumped right on it.
4. I reviewed it.
5. It’s live for everyone: https:/

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@paul_irish @tbranyen As the feature flag’s name suggests, at least the initial target is desktop. This is mostly driven by the use cases that we’re seeing that motivated it: virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) apps and office packages. For more backgrou

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@RReverser @samthor German has two words for “same”. One means physically the same, and one means the same equal thing. For some hilarious linguistic fun, read this article translated to English and compare to the German original:

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@cramforce @vercel This looks super impressive and useful. This feature alone would be a brilliant product in isolation.

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Great overview presentation by @jh3yy ( on the new Anchor Positioning CSS feature proposal ( by @tabatkins. ⚔️

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@RReverser Not bad. Is that @soverybritish understatement enough? 🫖

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@ddprrt Yes. You should also try this with any custom element you consider to use, since it’s a great test to see if the element is well-behaved (e.g., it should not have attributes at creation time).

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@dannymoerkerke @passle_ Not necessary: `”any”` is the default if no other `”purpose”` is given.

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@googleeurope The link in “Today we are announcing the launch of Google News Showcase, our curated online news experience and licensing program.” ( doesn’t work. People wanting to access the showcase the post announces end up

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