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September 13th, 2022

@JohnMu And `main` (or before: `master`) is just a regular git branch like all others. It’s all conventions.

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@ianwill93 @CrosExperts @Google @dotproto might be interested in discussions about this (he’s with me at a conference right now and might not immediately be able to follow up, just to set expectations).

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@jimniels Oh, I see. I thought blogging about the same topics repeatedly. For important things, I just ReTweet my own tweets. People who’ve seen the tweet the first time won’t see it again thanks to Twitter being smart, the rest will. Other than that,

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@mrdoob @webkit Wait, what. I re-read the post to see if I missed it, but then understood that this is what you wish for. You’re not alone: 🗺️

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@jimniels If you have some sort of aside widgets or details boxes, repeated content can just go there.

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AVIF in Safari 16 🎉. It’s nuanced, tho:
First, no animated AVIFs.
Second, Safari 16.0 for iOS does support still image AVIF. […] Safari 16.0 for macOS Monterey and macOS Big Sur (which also shipped today), does not support AVIF.”—

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Stable Diffusion can now be installed and run on Mac M1.

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@LeonieWatson @marcosc Great job both today! Thank you! 💏

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Now Stable: Useful app by @Paul_Kinlan that answers the question “What APIs are available across a select set of browsers, and when did they become available?” for a set of browsers (and platforms like Deno). 💏

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RT @sarah_edo: Dang. JSONhero looks pretty useful! 🤩

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@ricmac @thenewstack Feature request: make the “dark mode” of the open hamburger menu the default page experience when the user prefers dark mode 😃.

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