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November 7th, 2016

In case anyone was wondering, Randall Munroe of fame is with her: Don’t boo, vote! @HillaryClinton

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@andreasbovens FYI, the new text “Modern versions of Chrome and Opera on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.” has just been submitted.

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RT @MaximeEuziere: Touchbar_nyancat: Stupid nyancat animation on your +$2k MacBook Pro’s Touchbar -

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You could either rewatch the 🔥 @Firebase Summit keynote, or if you’re a tl;dw person like me, just read the recap:

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@stoyanstefanov Nice console hack, would probably be more user friendly if it used datalist:

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Good reminder that the Google Search Console lets you combine property sets, e.g., when you publish @AMPhtml on a different subdomain. 🗜

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webperftips * {
will-change: contents;

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webperftips window.onerror = window.close;

For that native feel.

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@andreasbovens I will open a bug to get Opera added. Thanks for the pointer.

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