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November 12th, 2016

agektmr Interested to putting Credential Management API and Payment Request API together? Check out:…

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From life lessons to coping with current 🇺🇸 politics to sexism in the IT industry, encouraging post by @SRobTweets of 🔥 @Firebase fame.…

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_developit Progressive Web Apps are about to become first-class citizens on Android

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habazzi Face detection API ಠ_ಠ @Paul_Kinlan

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DasSurma TIL: chrome://site-engagement/…

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The gist of two wonderful days of in one wonderful tweet. Test on real and _yesteryear’s_ devices. 📱 Well put, @dalmaer!…

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As if @kdzwinel had read my mind (…): a critical CSS extractor based on @ChromeDevTools’ CSS coverage analysis. 👍🏻…

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jaffathecake As promised, here are the links from my talk:


Async iterators…

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Progressive enhancement w/o Service Worker might be to use AppCache the douchebag. Fun HTA by @patrickkettner.

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Good illustration of Foreign Fetch by @jaffathecake at : avoid duplicate caching of often used resources for font hosts etc.

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