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November 22nd, 2016

notwaldorf ⚡️I made a thing that helps you minimize FOUT by matching the x-height/width of your webfont and fallback font! 🎨…

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@FremyCompany @pbakaus Was wondering if you couldn’t just start the process in the background with a trailing ‘&’? Doesn’t that work on Win?

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It’s a quite complex legal topic, but there is a slight chance that @Snowden may come to Germany for a hearing (… 🇩🇪)…

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@kdzwinel Guess it all boils down to nuances, and “tl;dr” isn’t. FWIW, it’s called “US Mobile App”, so from that angle Mobile Web = Threat!

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@kdzwinel +1 to this though. Likewise surprised about the non-mention of PWA.

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@kdzwinel FTW!—cf. Slide 15 “Mobile web audiences are almost 3x the size and growing 2x as fast as app audiences.”

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A ton of new documentation about added to…B 👌 Thanks all contributors! (…n)

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