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November 21st, 2016

The @comScore 2016 US Mobile App Report is out:… (behind sign-in wall, but worth it). 📱🌍 tl;dr: Mobile Web FTW!

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Yay, the good old 90ies <blink> is back, now in form of the value “blink” for the CSS “text-decoration” property. Up next: “marquee”? 🙏…

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0xcda7a This question during the Browser Vendor Panel at… you’re my hero, random audience member 😻

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jeffbcross Cool - Custom Elements in Safari technical preview (and awesome technical detail within the article)…

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We went all the way from Vanilla.js to jQuery to React to Preact, our irony levels are up 118%, the Time to First Bite 🍔 is down 27%.…

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Surveillance concerns not just UK (quoted tweet) citizens. If you happen to share any connection with a suspect, you are in their drag net.…

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