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November 11th, 2016

dalmaer NASA now has a PWA!

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1st peek of sw-framework library by @jeffposnick at to unite sw-toolbox & sw-precache functionality…

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Better tooling support that warns you when you are about to 🔫 in the 👣 is greatly needed-@addyosmanii’s…

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Key performance points that you should be tracking for optimal website performance, useful reminder by @addyosmani.…

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@robertnyman Nooooo :-( But thanks for the pointer and reply.

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Great set of Progressive Web App documentation resources, put together by the Opera team.…

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@robertnyman Hi Robert. Where did you buy it? Somewhere close to SF Jazz Center? Tak!

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MSEdgeDev Our Edge engineers are at again today if you want to chat! @jacobrossi @rachelnabors @auchenberg @patrickkettner

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Exciting news from the @AMPhtml team, looking forward to learning the specifics. AMP cache URL “lock-in” is feedback that comes up often.…

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Live CSS coverage test for webpages. This is such a useful feature to have. Wishlist: above-the-fold coverage analysis, @ChromeDevTools 🙏🏽…

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jonathandavis @abraham the WebKit team is looking at Service Workers. It is in fact under consideration.

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Can we get @jonathandavis a big red 🚨 “I’m here” helmet? Apple  are seeking the dialogue. 👍🏻 @webkit…

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jaffathecake this talk by @slightlylate brilliantly shows why phones can’t use all of the CPU they have on paper.

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kdzwinel Inline breakpoints in @ChromeDevTools are a killer feature. Something that I know I’ll use every day.…

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Dark Silicon & the End of Multicore Scaling… Paper mentioned by @slightlylate at —Desktop≠Mobile CPUs

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