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August 3rd, 2017

jeffposnick Want to keep tabs on your web app’s current/max storage use?’s got you covered:…

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@jonathandavis @Apple If there’s one thing to be learned from Apple, it’s the attention to the details :-)

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jonathandavis @tomayac @Apple I said work is beginning. The code landing makes it official.

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It doesn’t get any more official than that-@Applee’s Web Technologies Evangelist@jonathandaviss just confirmed: Service Workers are coming🎉!…T

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Common Progressive Web Apps misconceptions listed by @poshaughnessy. Related: my slides:….…

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Honored to be one of the speakers at the Google Developer Days Europe (…), see you in Krakow 🇵🇱!…

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@apassant Bon voyage et des très bonnes vacances ! ✈️ 🏔

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 👷For latest @webkit Service Worker news, probably a good idea to subscribe to webkit-dev… and to follow @bradeeoh.

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Woohoo, the @Apple @webkit team have started work on Service Workers!……

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