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August 26th, 2017

RT @daiyitastic: if you’re frequently in & out of wifi, you can enable “show saved copy button” to see cached pages! chrome://flags/#show-s…

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Brilliant article with inline code samples for learning the fundamentals of React: 💌

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IMGpedia—A #LinkedData set w/ Content-based Analysis of Wikimedia Images by Hogan et al. PDF #ISWC2017 @WikiResearch

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somebitsLinks Kiwix: Offline Wikipedia. Free iOS app.

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More bad English, please: Dear @kdzwinel, keep rockin’, stop worrying!

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Nice walk down Memory Lane of browser developer tools history by @kdzwinel.

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RT @kennethrohde: With all the talk about lit-html, here a a few slides I did a couple of weeks ago @polymer

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HTML Imports are effectively dead. ES6 Modules have replaced them universally. That’s OK 💌

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