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August 27th, 2017

Someone interested in getting Web standards work mentorship? @marcosc from @wicg_ is open for business. 💏 #FamousLastWords 😉

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@kennethrohde @marcosc @rob_dodson @ken_wheeler @samccone @sebmck @cwilso A newbie can’t be bothered to comb thru tons of IRC logs, so impossibly can’t be aware of all previous thoughts and all prior art. Patience.

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@kennethrohde @marcosc @rob_dodson @ken_wheeler @samccone @sebmck @cwilso I was a small part of Media Frags (… & weeks of calls. Hard to conserve for the WG—and challenging for newbies.

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@kennethrohde @marcosc @rob_dodson @ken_wheeler @samccone @sebmck @cwilso Essentially GitHub Issue and Pull Request templates: Acknowledge reception timely, politely enforce template usage.

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@kennethrohde @marcosc @rob_dodson @ken_wheeler @samccone @sebmck @cwilso IMHO all newcomer proposals need to have a “I looked at A, B, C, and still think it’s a good idea” section. Experienced folks can demand it.

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@marcosc @kennethrohde @rob_dodson @ken_wheeler @samccone @sebmck @cwilso @respimg Funny, I was thinking of @respimg right now. Crucial to be aware of discussions around <source>-s of <video> as a proposer of <picture>.

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@marcosc @rob_dodson @ken_wheeler @samccone @sebmck @cwilso What’s important for newbies is to study prior art—and for experienced folks to be patient if they didn’t & help’em get it right next time!

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@mscdexdotexe In the sense that I’ve one magic path on all domains (./magic) where I serve the same file, but proxy through all other paths.

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