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August 7th, 2017

@iandevlin Are you running a local devel. server that accepts range requests (…)? Python’s SimpleHTTPServer doesn’t.

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Truly the most fun way to do a production test run of updating one’s Service Worker cache version… (Which) Way to go@trivagogo (maze team?)…Vr

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ChromiumDev IntersectionObserver tells you where the yellow squares are. Watch ⚡️Supercharged & all will make sense!

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Comparing strings w/ locale-specific rules: String.proto.localeCompare (…) vs Intl.Collator

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BezoMaxo .@JugglinMike latest blog post manages to deliver an insightful JavaScript discovery with an entertaining narrative…

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“[T]he value of delaying DEFER script execution until DOM Interactive vs risking ASYNC scripts executing sooner if they download quickly.”⤵️…

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