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August 23rd, 2017

marcosc Whoa! 😲Payment Request API is in Safari Tech Preview!… 👀😻

(Took all my strength to not all-caps this tweet) @zachk!

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polymer Echoing @mattsmcnulty’s closing remarks, thank you for making this the best yet!

Session videos:

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somebitsLinks Uber pitch deck: 2008 slides raising funds for Uber

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This year’s felt way more embracing of the broader ecosystem (vanilla WebComp, SkateJS,…) than prev. editions in AMS & LON…👏

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polymer 🙌 Hands-on with the Polymer 3.0 preview 🙌…

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Just in time for , @ebidel’s guide to vanilla custom elements w/o @polymer was updated…

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Medium-style lazy-loading images, w/ image-rendering: pixelated (…)-d@surmaa@notwaldorfft 🖼

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fox I love everything about this.

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For doing WebVR w/ Web Components, @g33konaut (humbly) says don’t use my stuff, use <a-frame> instead

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The Rendertron middleware is here:…. A performance tweak would be to serialize in a cron job and deliver the result.…

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Rendertron, a Dockerized, headless Chrome rendering solution:…

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lit-html has built-in support for Promises, and with the until() directive you can have a placeholder while Promises aren’t fulfilled yet.

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lit-html: HTML templates, via JavaScript tagged template literals for @polymer 3.0:…

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@robertnyman Three handsome gentlemen on photo three you got there… The lights on the bushes look amazing! CC@rowan_m_@ymotongpoooo

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Hero Element Timing API unofficial…D +1 the metric, unsure it needs an own spec (maybe add to Resource Timing?)…3

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linclark Firefox has a new super fast CSS engine 🚀

Here’s a peek under the hood →…

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rob_dodson Really happy to share Custom Elements Everywhere. A little site to help Custom Elements and frameworks be BFFs 🍻

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