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August 30th, 2017

The @ChromeDevTools keep getting better. Favorite new features: top-level await and previewable cache resources in the Application tab. 👏…

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🆕 The Web App Manifest spec adds (app store) categories & IARC age ratings—On it with👷‍♀️Service Worker……u

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Powerful case by Condé Nast proving the versatility of server-side rendered React components for creating @AMPhtml.…

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ebidel Headless mode coming to Firefox 56.…. Automated browser testing space is on 🔥!

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igalia Overview of @AMPhtml and Igalia’s collaboration project for improving WebKit and the Web Platform. Check it out!…

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Help browsers figure out resource priorities. Calls for @ChromeDevTools support need: “warning—marked hi prio resource not used above fold”…M

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ChromiumDev 🆕:
“How well is ___ supported” you ask? Look no further! The web platform tests dashboard shows daily test result 💯🔥

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@datao I guess it could, or the IPA be added to the repo like the APK for Android (…). Maybe worth opening a GitHub Issue?!

via Twitter Web Client in reply to datao—A library for creating Augmented Reality experiences w/ Web technologies (requires a native helper app)…

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ChromeDevTools Now in Canary: Capture screenshots of specific HTML nodes

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HenriHelvetica TIL: @ChromeDevTools now has dashed lines to indicated 1st Paint / 1st Contentful Paint: green/orange.

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