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November 7th, 2022

@mthie I personally don’t agree (at all) with this framing. Opening up to competition: yes.

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@Jay5w Of course, none of this is _not_ on purpose.

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@tomsontom Which might change with the Digital Markets Act…

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@Sarkies_Proxy is my go-to solution for this kind of problem. It works for some debug cases, but not all of course.

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Cue in 2013 (nor ever, AFAICT) notably wasn’t responsible for I’m glad that Safari’s release cadence went up a lot recently, but I still wish it were decoupled from iOS. People on still very fine devices should have

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“The reason we lost Safari on Windows is the same reason we are losing Safari on Mac. We didn’t innovate or enhance Safari. […] [Google] put out releases at least every month while we basically do it once a year.”—Eddy Cue,

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