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November 8th, 2022

@nyquildotorg @Twitter @echofon Oh, I see. Didn’t roll out to my account yet. Thanks for the information!

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coolranchzaku I don’t know how twitter managed to release a more embarrassing and unusable feature than cotweets in the same month but here it is. these are all the statuses you can use. no custom statuses allowed

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@nyquildotorg @Twitter @echofon That’s what I thought. What’s weird is that if you click the badge, you’re brought to tweets that include the phrase, but the tweet in question doesn’t (

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What’s up with these badges like “Dear diaryâ@Twitterwitter? The same tweet se@Twitterwitter a@echofonchofon. I don’t

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RT @dannymoerkerke: In case you missed it, you can watch The State of PWAs on YouTube (which, by the way, is also a PWA!)…

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Progressively enhanced push notifications… We need to prove with data that apps make use of these richer notification formats. It’s nevertheless great that Safari finally joined the Push club. 💏

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RT @ChromiumDev: Not all storage is created equal: introducing Storage Buckets 🪣!

The core idea 💡 of the Storage…

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@ModernFrontends @Google Use my personal discount code MODERNTHOMAS0210 if you plan on attending.

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🥳 Meet @tomayac - Developer Advocate, @Google

Come and join Thomas & all the other great s…

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RT @userquin: After a few weeks of hard work, we’ve created Vite PWA organization at GitHub for @vite_js and the ecosystem.
You can find h…

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TheVeryHungryC what the fuck

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😂 LOL, this is a brilliant PR to the HTML spec: Inimitable indeed, @jaffathecake!

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@simevidas (So can the admin of your Mastodon server.)

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Safari Technology Preview 157 brings WebCodecs support: 💀

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