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November 24th, 2022

@notrab 🙋‍♂️ I’d be up and present, if someone runs the streaming infrastructure. Great idea!

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@arkwojcik Tracing an SVG so it becomes an SVG does not really makes sense (though it does work if you open the file via drag and drop or the file open dialog; the quality is worse of course then). Try sharing a PNG, JPG, WebP, or GIF to the app for examp

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@cassiecodes The part in your video that you have cropped is the incredibly misleading “Sponsors - Past and Present” bit, so people coming to this site think this are the present sponsors.

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@choraria Hey there! Absolutely feel free to add any and all custom functions to this collection. This is fully aligned with Apache 2.0, which is why I chose such a permissive license.

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RT @marcenglund: Does #PWA mean Phishing-resistant, Windowing properly, and Always up to date?
I wrote a blog post covering some less frequ…

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