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November 10th, 2022

@diekus I think the explainer could motivate more why just dynamically changing `document.title` is a problem. Would the UA be expected to, for example, display title & subtitle with different emphasis? How would this work with Window Controls Overlay? Wh

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@simevidas I think the underlying service was shut down (, but you might be better off with a data-optimizing proxy and an extension, for example, Google Web Light:

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Twitter lawyer warns that Elon Musk is putting company at risk of billions in FTC fines:

“The Verge reached out to Musk for comment. Twitter no longer has a communications department.” 🙃

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@chriscoyier Adding state to otherwise stateless HTTP requests is the best. The edge function is the implementation detail. 😃

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@simevidas Do you mean lying, so instead of the large viewport media query matching that reflects your actual screen size, the browser would lie-match the small viewport one? This might break some things on the way.

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RT @modelviewer: <model-viewer> v2.1 now has the ability to add dimension lines and other complex annotations!


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RT @k_cieslak: Closing keynote of the day at #GitHubUniverse.

@kdaigle showing 4 amazing projects from @GitHubNext:

* GitHub Blocks
* Cop…

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RT @intenttoship: Blink: Intent to Prototype: View Transition Same-Origin Navigation

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