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November 22nd, 2022

@henrylim96 @Not_Woods Themed icons are implemented purely within the Pixel Launcher, with no third-party integration API planned. So any work here would need to be asked of the Android Launcher team.

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@cramforce Absolutely. @googlefonts, what do you think of making self-hosting the new documented default?

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@alexanderdanilo Yes, just use whatever @jaffathecake built, because it’s better than whatever I could ever create myself. 🤣 And probably you need, too.

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@Paul_Kinlan If used as outlined in your fourth example, then yes, certainly. And I like this pattern!

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“Moreover, the fact that Google’s servers necessarily receive IP addresses to transmit fonts is not unique to Google and is consistent with how the Internet works.”— Please explain the Internet to lawyers involved in the cease

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@cassiecodes Congratulations! 🏠🎉

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@Paul_Kinlan Props for the callout to `protocol_handler` ( Glad it’s on MDN, too ( Personally, I don’t think custom protocols (`web+*:`) will take off, but love what apps like d

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RT @Paul_Kinlan: Detecting if a URL scheme can be handled

I’ve got an itch that I want to scratch wrt to Follow on…

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RT @firt: Choosing a Mobile Development Platform?
🧡Swift + SwiftUI
💜Kotlin + Jetpack Compose
💞.NET MAUI / Xamarin
💗Progressive Web…

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@Wattenberger That’s really neat. Small feature request: add stats about one’s own server for the sake of completeness. Like I’m on, but I don’t see stats about it, only about other servers.

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The anatomy of the `.visually-hidden` CSS class we have settled on to hide things from sighted users.
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